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African Travel Nonprofit

Nurturing inquisitive minds, one trip at a time. 

About Us

We provide youth and young adults from marginalized communities with access to life-enriching travel experiences to Africa. 

Who We Are

It's not just a trip. It's a life-changing experience. 

Travel challenges the individual to step outside of their comfort zone. It challenges them to not only set their expectations aside and be open to new experiences, but also to let go of their biases and preconceptions of themselves and the world. 

We don't just provide travel experiences. We provide opportunities for young people to learn more about themselves and the world. We educate. We empower. We build self-esteem. We inspire. We change their outlook on life and invest in their futures. 

Program Focus


Essential Skills

Program participants learn skills essential to personal development, like adaptability and self-efficacy.


Character Building

Our trips build culturally aware citizens who understand the power of their social impact. 


Community Development

The close-knit travel group fosters a sense of community and trust, forming bonds that will last a lifetime. 


Expanding Horizons

We want to show our program participants that the world has a lot to offer them. 

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