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Outbound in Ontario

We're back for our third year of Outbound in Ontario where we go on an unforgettable journey around Southwestern Ontario building connections, learning about Black Canadian heritage, and creating memories with great people! 

This program arose from the need to address the impacts of the historical displacement and erasure of Black people. School doesn't teach us much about Black/African Canadian histories and contributions, so we sought it out for ourselves! 

Should You Apply?

If you're 16 to 25 years oldpart of the Black diaspora, can commit to attending 10 bi-weekly workshops in the Jane & Finch area from July to December, and want to create something for your community, this program is for you. 

In this program, we'll create a safe space for you to develop a deeper understanding of your shared historical and cultural connections. You'll attend culturally grounded workshops (by Black youth, for Black youth), go on an 8-day adventure across Southwestern Ontario that bridges Black history with present-day, and work with your peers to create an arts-based project to share your experience with your community.

Keep scrolling for program FAQs and to see what the youth from our first year created, the Black Creek Outbound zine.

Applications CLOSED! Thank you to all who applied to our 2024/25 cohort.

the Black Creek Outbound zine 

Created by the youth in Year 1. Design by program participant, Jess Campbell.

 @CampJesss on Instagram. 

Tower of Freedom Monument
Statue of Harriet Tubman
Escape Room
Sandwich Town
Group in front of Niagara Falls
Josiah Henson Museum
Screen Shot 2022-05-05 at 12.09.40 AM.png
  • Who should apply?
    ◦ Youth from 16 to 25 years old ◦ You self-identify as Black or as part of the Black diaspora ◦ Currently living in the Black Creek Community or another high-priority neighbourhood in Toronto ◦ Are able to commit to attending 10 bi-weekly evening workshops in the Jane and Finch area from July to December
  • How do I apply?
    Applicants will complete a questionnaire, as well as provide one personal reference who we will contact. Our program participants are or aim to be engaged within their communities. They are or are aspiring to be community advocates, leaders, and pioneers of positive change. Priority will be given to applicants from the Black Creek area and from other priority neighbourhoods in Toronto.
  • Do I need parental or guardian permission to participate in this program?
    Participants under 18 years old will need to have a consent form signed by a parent or legal guardian to take part in the excursion portion of the program. If you are unable to get a parent's or guardian's permission, please reach out to us at so we can discuss your situation and if we can accommodate.
  • Program Breakdown
    The program will consist of 10 bi-weekly 2-hour workshops from July to December, 1 week-long excursion in August, 1 group gathering in March and 1 community event in April. From July to December, you'll spend every other Tuesday with your peers in a safe space where you can talk about things important to you, learn about Black history in Ontario, and create meaningful, long-lasting friendships. In August, you'll go on an 8-day long excursion across Southwestern Ontario, visiting early Black settlements and meeting other Black people from these communities and hearing their stories. Throughout the program, you'll document your experience and collaborate with your peers to create a digital story to share with the community. This could be a series of TikTok videos, Instagram Reels, a photo-story, visual art, etc. You'll receive guidance from a local artist to complete this project. At the end of the program, we'll all get together to celebrate the end of the program and to share our digital story amongst each other. To celebrate the end of the program, we'll have a community event, led by you where you can share your learnings and digital story with your community.
  • What are the travel dates?
    The trip will be 8 days and 7 nights in length. We will be travelling from Saturday, August 17 to Saturday, August 24, 2024.
  • How many workshops will there be and on which dates?
    There will be a total of 10 workshops. Workshops will take place every two weeks on Tuesdays from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Workshop Dates : July 9 and 23 August 6 September 10 and 24 October 8 and 22 November 5 and 19 December 3
  • Do I have to attend all the workshops?
    Yes. Part of the program is about your learning, making connections, and documenting your own journey to share with your community. This will all be done during the workshops.
  • Are there any other important dates I should be aware of?
    We will be hosting a group party in March just for program participants and the Afrika Outbound team. We will also host a larger community event in April. Group Gathering: Sometime in March 2024, date TBD Community Gathering : Sometime in April 2024, date TBD
  • What opportunities does this program offer me?
    Aside from making new friends, having a safe space to hang out, learning about Black heritage, and going on an unforgettable trip, you'll have the opportunity to build your leadership skills and to collaborate with your peers to create something meaningful for your community. If you're an artist, you'll have an (paid) opportunity to lead the arts-based project and it can be added to your portfolio. Throughout the program, you'll also have the opportunity to win prizes and receive honorariums for the work you complete. 🤑💰
  • Are there any costs or fees associated with the program?
    There are no fees to participate in this program. Participants will receive bus fare to attend all workshops and events. Snacks and refreshments will be served at all workshops and events (GOOD food too 😁). All transportation, accommodations, snacks and meals, and group activities will be included during the excursion. What's not included? ◦ Luggage and travel necessities like chargers ◦ Spending money for souvenirs and gifts ◦ Toiletries for the excursion ◦ Meals and snacks outside of what is provided We will do our best to accommodate requests for things like luggage or toiletries on an as-needed basis. Just let us know if you need something.
  • How many chaperons will there be on the trip?
    There will be 2 chaperons on the trip, Lolita (she/her) and Kwame (he/him).
  • Is this program LGBTQ2S+ friendly?
    Hell yes! We are committed to ensuring a safe space for ALL youth who participate in our programs. All selected participants will sign an agreement committing to honouring a safe and inclusive space for all. If you have any hesitations about applying, please connect with our program facilitators at so we can help address any concerns you may have. 💛
  • Do you accommodate accessibility requests?
    We aim to be as inclusive as is within our capacity. If you face any accessibility barriers joining us on this journey, please reach out to Andron or Akilah at, so we can discuss potential accommodations.


This program was funded through the wonderful generosity of the Ontario Trillium Foundation's Youth Opportunities Fund. 

Support the Journey! 

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