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Black Creek Outbound in Ontario

We're taking 10 youth on a life-changing journey across Ontario this summer. 

Black Creek Outbound in Ontario arose from the need to address the impacts of the historical displacement and erasure of Black people.


We're creating a safe space where youth (ages 16 to 25) of the Black diaspora from the Black Creek and surrounding areas can gather to develop a deeper understanding of their shared historical and cultural connections. This will be done through the delivery of culturally grounded workshops, hosted locally, and place-based excursions throughout Ontario that bridge Black history with present-day, while building and strengthening their leadership skills, cultural competency, community bonds, and social media literacy.


Youth will travel, make new friends, learn about Black history, and create a beautiful digital story documenting their journey to share with their community!

Not currently accepting applications.

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This program was funded through the wonderful generosity of the Ontario Trillium Foundation's Youth Opportunities Fund. 



Support the Journey! 

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