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About Us

About Us

Afrika Outbound believes in the power travel has to inspire the individual. We also believe in reconnecting youth and young adults who self-identify as Black with their African roots. 

We aim to enrich the lives of  youth and young adults by giving them access to new ideas, different cultures, and ways of living through the means of travel. Travelling has the power to educate, enlighten, and inspire, as well as stimulate innovation. Through travel, we hope to provide a moment of joy and excitement, outside of their everyday lives, while simultaneously creating an educational experience to last them a lifetime. 


Our mission is to help youth and young adults from marginalized communities fully flourish into pioneers of positive change through the exchange of perspectives and ideologies obtained through travel.


To create a truly global world by removing the physical and invisible barriers surrounding outbound travel.

Our Team


Founder & Co-Director

Akilah Blackett

I grew up in a low-income household and neighbourhood in Scarborough. Despite that, I was lucky enough to take my first international trip at 15, when I visited my dad's home country of Barbados. It wasn't until the age of 20 that I would travel again.


Travelling has reshaped my ideas of the world. I realized that travel is an educational experience, and I am so grateful to have been able to experience it at a young age.  

After earning a bachelor's degree in Philosophy, volunteering in the nonprofit sector, working in the financial and tech sectors for nearly seven years, and travelling to 25 countries, I knew it was time I help others access the same life-changing travel experiences I had.



Andron Mckoy

I've known Akilah since high school and when I heard about Afrika Outbound, I knew it was something I had to get involved in. As an avid traveller myself, I know first-hand the positive impact travel can have on youth. 

I  knew whatever career path I chose, it needed to be working towards something I was passionate about, and that I felt made an impact. With a bachelor's degree in International Development and experience with fundraising, community outreach, researching, and leadership, embarking on this mission was an easy decision.

I love working with youth and know they are our future, so we need to invest in them today. I'm excited to watch the organization grow and to learn from the youth we work with. 


Board Member - Creative

Deji Adesanya

For over 11 years, travelling has been a source of my creativity and an avenue to learn more about myself and the people I share the world with. 

After immigrating to Canada at the age of 18 and pursuing a bachelor's degree in Communications, I started my own fashion line — Déji Kalakuta — to channel my creative side. 

I am a proud Nigerian who has been fortunate enough to learn and embrace the multicultural fabric of Canada — and that is expressed through the collective work I produce.


My work tells various stories about my personal experience of being an immigrant and connects my two identities as a Nigerian-Canadian. 


Afrika Outbound was the final piece of my puzzle. Through my work at Afrika Outbound, I hope to inspire youth to unlock their creativity while educating them on the rich history and beauty of African countries that I am so proud of. 


Board Member - Educator

Chandni Khatri

When Andron told me about Afrika Outbound, I just knew this was something I wanted to be a part of. Growing up in a low-income community, I was not exposed to informal education experiences or the importance of travelling.


I have travelled within Ontario and even those limited experiences of travelling just  2-3 hours from the GTA  have had a significant impact on me. 


Thanks to my background and experience in Child and Youth Care and my BEd in Elementary Education and Teaching, I have been able to work with many youth from vulnerable communities in TDSB, PDSB and now broadening my horizons in the YRDSB. I am passionate about showing youth the importance of life beyond their frame of reference by means of outdoor experiences and education.


I am an energized, happy, and active educator! And through Afrika Outbound, I aim to take my love and passion for education to help youth access these very necessary travel experiences.  


Board Member - Finance

Hanna Kalif

Travelling has always been an integral part of my upbringing. My family was always on the move due to my father’s profession and we were lucky to experience different parts of the world. As a Somali who also grew up as a ‘third culture kid’, my parents made sure I kept my culture alive by bringing me back home often.


This passion for travel has followed me into adulthood and has had a strong impact on the way I view life and connect with people. It has given me a sense of curiosity and open-mindedness that otherwise would not have been achieved if it weren’t for my experiences travelling. It is the reason why I am committed to bridging the gap of knowledge about Africa.


This is why Afrika Outbound’s mission of providing youth with the opportunity to travel is so important. I am hoping that this invaluable experience will provide them with a new perspective and a positive impact into their adulthood. 

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