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Why Africa

Africa and the demographic we serve share much in common. The continent is plagued by negative stereotypes, stigmatization, and a lot of misinformation. Many marginalized communities, neighbourhoods, and the youth and young adults who come from them are also stigmatized by harmful biases and stereotypes. 

Africa is a place that has influenced positive global change on countless occasions. It has been home and an inspiration to some of the most notable figures on the planet, from Nelson Mandela to Mahatma Gandhi, Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, and even Elon Musk!

Our program participants demonstrate creativity, innovation, tenacity, and resilience — the same qualities exuded throughout African nations. We hope that by visiting African nations, the youth and young adults will reconstruct their narrative of Africa, while simultaneously reconstructing the narratives they hold about themselves.

Why Africa



While underrepresented in the West, Africa has plenty to offer when it comes to the arts.  The continent excels in everything from visual arts, theatre, dance, music, literature, and more. Its recognition in mainstream art is well overdue.

This piece was created by the talented South African visual artist Mark Modimola. Check him out on Instagram at @mark_draws.

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