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Change a Life by Giving the Gift of Flight

Empower youth by sending them on a life-changing educational trip to Africa with a one-time donation!
Become a Monthly Donor
As a monthly donor, you'll help us send more youth on life-changing adventures. You'll also be contributing much needed assistance to our ongoing programming efforts. 
A lot of research and planning goes into each trip. We partner with educators and community leaders to develop itineraries and educational components specific to each travel group's life-goals and interests. This ensures each trip is relevant to program participants, which increases engagement and program effectiveness. 
Your financial support helps us sustain these efforts. 
As a monthly donor, you'll receive: 
  • A hand-written postcard from a program participant during a trip
  • Exclusive access to photos, video footage, and diary entries from our trips
  • The option to be featured in our Donor Spotlight on our social media pages and website
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